Fingerprint Flower Ring (Silver)

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F.N.U.E. - From Now Until Eternity
By F.N.U.E. - From Now Until Eternity

Made in USA

Product Description

Fingerprint Flower Ring will dazzle when worn. Over one inch in diameter the sterling silver flower was originally hand carved from wax, then molded and cast into silver. Named for the texture throughout the flower, designer Halley’s fingerprints. The flower is highlighted on a hand fabricated squared ring band


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About the designer

F.N.U.E. is an acronym for From Now Until Eternity.

F.N.U.E. Jewelry is handcrafted from sterling silver, 14k gold, vermeil and precious gemstones. The F.N.U.E. collections are distinguished by timeless classic original pieces of art that can be passed down through the generations. Designer Halley Barney carves her original flowers from wax to achieve the best possible texture. Her other works of art she forges from sterling silver to obtain distinctive designs. F.N.U.E. Jewelry is the perfect balance between contemporary design and ancient techniques.

Halley's interest in jewelry started years before receiving her B.A. in Graphic Design and M.B.A. in Marketing. At just seven years old she marked her path in the world of jewelry by hot gluing found items into brooches and earrings, which were sold at boutiques in Western New York. Over twenty years later Halley continues her journey by crafting, forging and fabricating jewelry from her hands. Halley's sterling silver jewelry is made in NYC and has been inspired from the love of her friends and family.

Halley's motto for F.N.U.E. is: Jewelry for the Heart, From the Heart.